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Funding Priorities

The Foundation's funding priorities reflect the desire to prepare society for an aging population.  Building upon aging trends, research and program innovation, the Foundation's mission is accomplished through strategic initiatives and responsive grantmaking.  The following are the Foundation's funding priorities: 


Geographic Focus
In recognition of the source of the Foundation's endowment, priority is given to proposals serving the Southern California region.  Proposals from outside Southern California may be considered if they serve the state as a whole, are demonstration projects with potential for replication in California, or have a regional or national impact.  Projects that have the potential to improve practice in the field may also be considered.

The Foundation will not consider support of:

  1. Organizations without 501(c)(3) designation or individuals (although some government-sponsored projects may be considered);
  2. Biomedical research;
  3. Capital expenditures, "bricks and mortar" or building campaigns; and
  4. Fundraising events.