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Special Publications

Archstone Foundation 20th Anniversary Report
A retrospective of the Archstone Foundation's two decades of operations and grantmaking.

Innovations in Senior Services - Highlights and Lessons Learned: A Five-Year Review 1998 - 2002
The Gerontological Health Section (GHS) of the American Public Health Association (APHA) and the Archstone Foundation joined together to recognize innovative programs for older adults.

Fault Lines in the Shifting Landscape: The Future of Growing Older in California 2010
Entering the 21st century, California's aging population raises many concerns for public and private decision makers, yet information about aging in the state is fragmented, uneven, uncatalogued, and rarely synthesized for decision making. No one has a "big picture" perspective on California's aging population or the critical issues it faces. In this report, we hope to bring clarity to a complex issue and support decision making across the state. We describe the key driving forces that will shape the future of growing older through the next decade and provide a context for understanding how the complexity and size of the Golden State's aging challenges differentiate it from other places. We focus on what to expect between now and 2010 and provide a window into the dramatic growth of elders after 2010. The report also offers eight guiding principles to navigate this demographic shift and serve as starting points to begin dialogue and initiate strategic action today.

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