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Annual Reports

2001 Annual Report - Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
Publication Year: 2002

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, we welcome you to read our 2001 Annual Report.

Through our grantmaking we continue to be committed to many issues targeted to the needs of the elderly. As an example, the following six grantees have been profiled in this annual report: 1. The National Council on the Aging; 2. The Family Caregiver Alliance; 3. Partners in Care; 4. The Hospice Foundation; 5. The City of Long Beach; and, 6. The National Senior Citizens Law Center.

As the many issues sorrounding the aging of our population are becoming increasingly important subjects for consideration in the evolving field of philanthropy, we hope you will find our annual report useful.

Continuing Grants in Fiscal Year 2001 Continuing Grants in Fiscal Year 2001 (34K)
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Annual Report Annual Report (2527K)

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